Article Marketing For SEO
Article Marketing

Article Marketing For SEO

Article Marketing For SEO ~ The Big Picture

Article marketing for SEO (search engine optimization) should be a key strategy implemented when creating all of your content. Article marketing is a crucial component of your online presence, as traffic to your content is essential. One of the biggest questions for individuals when starting a business is, “how do I get traffic to site and content. It is vital to establish a viable presence, utilizing SEO with article marketing will aid in your visibility, traffic, and search engine optimization rankings within all of the major search engines. Article Marketing For SEO

 Article Marketing For SEO|Keyword Research

Before you begin your next campaigns, it is essential to do thorough keyword research within your particular niche. Having a distinct list of keywords will help to determine where your focus will be. Once you have finalized your niche of choice, the next step should be to complete a detailed list of niche related keywords; the Google keyword tool will be your next place to begin in-depth research. This video will walk you through the necessary steps needed to find relevant keywords and will provide you with some key tips on article marketing.

Article Marketing For SEO ~ Optimal Results

Article marketing for SEO is making your website search engine friendly. Through proper article marketing management, you will begin to develop the tools and strategies to generate the results and traffic you desire. For additional step by step videos, be sure to check out my Youtube channel.

Once you have created your article, be sure to include an enticing resource box with a link to your capture page and a strong call to action. Article distribution through the major article directories:

  • ezine articles
  • goarticles
  • amazines
  • article base
  • buzzle
  • there are several others if you choose to submit to more

Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great places to share your articles and to generate backlinks. No one likes spam; therefore, during your sharing, make sure the content is relevant to the site. Your content should be deemed valuable, relevant, and useful to its members. Now with the basics out of the way, article marketing for SEO is but a stepping stone to your success.

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Article Marketing For SEO

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