Church Outreach StrategiesChurch outreach strategies are vastly changing, are you keeping up with the trends?  The latest research shows successful businesses have an advertising and marketing budget. What type of results do you achieve if you have a budget without a strategy?  Or, what if you have a strategy but no budget?

Pastors, Bishops, Priests, Rabbis, and Clergy: What Tactics Are You Implementing For Your Church Outreach and Marketing Strategies?  Have you been treating your church like a business? After all, didn’t Jesus himself say when He was only 12 years old, “I must be about my Father’s business”? (Luke 2:49) So, let’s not be mistaken about the Church is a business and should be treated as such!

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No, we wouldn’t necessarily look at it in your “traditional” business structure, but make no mistake, this is definitely an infrastructure to be reckoned with. Dealing with the spiritual nurturing and development of souls, I would say that is definitely a SERIOUS business and should be treated as such. Looking at a business plan, it, unlike traditional businesses shouldn’t put as much focus on their P & L (profit and loss) but should focus more so L & D (eternal life and eternal death) reports. How many new members have you attained, how many members have you lost, and why?

What are your outreach strategies and your ministry’s plan to ensure reaching and teaching lost souls is accomplished? Is your ministry effectively preventing eternal death, are you really reaching your target area?

How Are You Reaching Your Target Audience? Continual preaching to the same group regularly isn’t really being obedient. Mark 16:15 He (Jesus) said to them (disciples), “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.”  Are you following His instruction to you?  The quickest, most effective way to reach the world … the world wide web (www). Is the internet a major part of your marketing and outreach strategies? Souls being your profit, and offering them options on life insurance of eternal life or eternal death, you the shepherd, are you offering a clear and complete description of the benefits plan? Are you faithful to the instructions Jesus laid out before you?

How Do Traditional Outreach Strategies -vs- New Outreach Strategies Compare?

Outreach as we knew it, has clearly evolved. The use of telephone solicitation has definitely diminished!  On average people no longer open their door welcomingly. Therefore, door-to-door outreach on Saturday mornings has pretty much become extinct. Does anyone canvass the streets handing out pamphlets only to watch the pamphlets thrown into the first available trash can?

Nielsen Statistics, January 2011 97% of people are looking online and searching for information there.

  • Is your ministry implementing ways to be easily “found”?
  • Do you have an online presence?
  • Have you landed on the first, second, or third pages of the search engines?
  • Have you ever checked your ranking (like you would your credit score)?
  • Have you implemented ways to increase your SEO ranking?

As of this post, the word “church” in a google search, reveals there are 650,000,000 entries.

How Effective Is Your Website? Are Your Outreach Strategies Met?

  • You have an amazing website, perhaps even a podcast, you’ve thrown in live streaming video
  1. does anyone outside your church family know this
  2. how are you driving people to your website
  3. if a visitor arrives at your website, what do you have in place to connect with them
  4. are all events current and up-to-date
  5. is there a “call to action”, come to join us, be my special guest, etc.
  6. does your web address associate with your church, and easy to remember
  7. will a visitor leave with a “memorable” impression, will they be enticed to return
  8. how easy is your website to navigate

Time To Implement Some New Outreach Strategies

If your desire is to land on the front pages of Google and other search engines, you must implement some basic, daily strategies, securing your place.  All you need is a desire to make it happen, combined with some simple tools. You can lay a solid foundation to build upon using the internet.

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