Content SyndicationContent syndication in network marketing is definitely a must.    There has been substantial growth in traffic with the use of an RSS feed on your blog or website. 


You are working hard to build your business online, posting article after article full of valuable information and helpful tips for your viewing audience.

But what is the point of going through all the time and effort of putting out well-written pieces of content stuffed with beneficial information if this information is not being seen by the masses all across the internet, increasing your potential customer list, and boosting your domain and page authority?

Article syndication is crucial, not just the preliminary step of writing the articles. Without syndication, your articles are lost in the cyberspace pile.

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Your helpful tips and techniques need to be shared so that people will know you’re an expert in your niche and your website is an authority site with all its relevant and quality content.

It’s as if you’ve discovered the cure for cancer, but if you don’t include the final step of spreading your message everywhere, it’s not going to do you or anyone else any good.

Web content syndication has become more of a breeze with the easily installed plug-ins for automatic feed submissions. 
There are some pretty amazing combinations in which you gain almost immediate results with your content submission.

A few of the powerful word press plug-ins you can combine for massive results are:

  • an RSS feed on your blog (feed burner is awesome, but there are several others as well)
  • only-wire (share to over 30 sites with the simple push of the publish button)

Content Syndication Circulated

With all of the plugins firmly in place, nothing left to do but research and write your articles.  You have now had the tools that will allow you, with the push of a button, to instantly syndicated your content to multiple sites. 

content syndication and backlinks

This RSS feed function cuts down the amount of manual syndication you must do. 

Keep in mind your overall content should be relevant to the overall theme of your blog to keep visitors coming back and allowing you to place yourself in the position of an authoritative site. 

With the implementation of daily blogging strategies and content syndication, you will quickly increase free traffic flow to your site.

Decide on a niche or two that you are focusing on and have your blog loaded with valuable content pertaining to that niche. 

If your blog or site is on article writing, in general, someone doesn’t want to visit and have articles on dog grooming.  Keep it clean and stay focused on your content. 

Bear in mind not many want to visit the site of  “jack of all trades and master of none”.  In general, if they wanted to do some random searches, Google would more than likely be their search destination of choice.

Content Syndication Complete

With all of your tools firmly in place, you’re ready for content syndication and backlinks.  Once your articles are published and syndicated, for additional backlinks, take your just published url and share it within Facebook groups within your same niche. 

Share content that members of the group will find helpful, don’t just spam the walls of groups with non-relevant substance. 

While you’re in the groups,  leave a personal message as well, don’t just drop a link and run, networking does require some communication.

Take your time, get things in order, determine your niche, and the direction you want to go. 

Fine-tune your blog, clean it up, and do away with items that aren’t relevant to what you are offering. 

Research your keywords, find those you feel are relevant to your specific niche, and become the authority and the “go-to person” for your niche. 

Content syndication is the key to where financial freedom lies.

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