Dangers Of Social NetworkingWith the increasing number of social networking sites, have you stopped to question the dangers of social networking?   Social networking sites are a great way to stay in touch and a means of reconnecting with family and friends.

But the question I pose to you, do you really know who you’re really talking with, who’s on the other end?  You may communicate numerous times, but what guarantee do you have regarding, whom you’re actually corresponding with.   I’m sure the majority of people have seen or at least heard of the show, “To Catch A Predator”, how safe are you really while talking with “virtual friends”?

Keep in mind, everyone online may not be who they portray themselves to be.  Although you may be looking at the advantages of social networking, everyone’s motive isn’t necessarily the same.

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Dangers Of Social Networking | Protect Yourself

You must protect yourself from the dangers of social networking at all times.    The Internet is a great place to meet and network with others who share similar interests.  However, it is also a breeding ground for hackers, scam artists, and other less than legitimate practices.   Some things you can do to help ensure your personal safety are:

  • Set your profiles to private – be selective when accepting requests from people you don’t know.  Would you answer your door to a complete stranger, welcoming them into your home?  You would ask, “who is it”, “what do you want”?  You need to be just as selective when opening yourself to strangers in the cyber zone.   Go, take a look at their page, do some research, and see what they are really about before connecting on a personal level.
  • Determine what you share in your general search profile – again, be very selective only sharing your name and your photo for maximum protection.
  • Don’t list your address, city, state, full birth date, etc. you will be opening yourself up to scam artists and other not so desirable activities.

Dangers Of Social Networking | Shielded And Ready

You can help reduce the dangers of social media by shielding yourself as much as possible.  Keep in mind, many of the social networking sites are by default, viewable to anyone.  Most social networking sites will allow you to go in and control who can and can’t see your profile.

You should go in and manually set your privacy settings to “friends only”.    By only allowing your personal friends access to your information, you’re significantly reducing your risk and opening yourself up to relax more and enjoy the best social network experiences.

Set up and utilized correctly, the social network free online communities can be both enjoyable and profitable.  With your layers of security now in place, the benefits of social networking should outweigh any dangers of social networking.

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