Effective Article Writing Part 1 | 3 Steps to Write an Article

Effective Article Writing Part 1An effective article is the best way to find prospects and leads for your niche as it is free and can take you to the top in rankings on Google search. This post on effective article writing part 1 needs to be done systematically.     

As you start writing articles, you need to ask yourself three questions:

  • Who is your prospect?
  • What is the problem?
  • What are you offering to solve the problem?

Effective Article Writing Part 1 | Answer Your Questions

Decide who you are going to be targeting in your niche. You need to know who you are going to target before you can start writing. Drill down the best prospect for who can use your product or service. Once you find the best candidate, you can now continue.

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You need to find the problem that you are going to fix. Write a paragraph or two of what the prospect is having issues with. (Example) How to housebreak a dog.

Now you are ready to pinpoint the solution you are offering. It is best to do three to five bullet points of how you can solve the problem. Follow the bullet points with a paragraph or more of each bullet point. This gives you a compelling article that will bring in leads and sales.

Effective Article Writing Part 1 | Keyword Research

Now that you know who you want to target, their problem, and how you can solve their problem, you are ready to get your main keywords needed for good SEO (search engine optimization). 

I use the Google Keyword Tool, which is free and is found at www.googlekeywordtool.com.

You will want to use keywords that are ranked less than 80K to get better rankings. Higher than 80K, the completion is way too high. Your article for marketing will be lost in the search engines. Writing effective articles is not just telling a story. It is a conversation with your prospective client. Please keep it on a subject to keep your reader interested.

Effective Article Writing | 7 Reasons People Buy

I want to share with you why people buy to give you a little more idea of how to keep them interested.

  • Save Money
  • Make money
  • Save Time
  • Save Effort
  • Improve Health
  • Increase Pleasure
  • Eliminate Pain

Working with these seven reasons will help you stay more focused on what you are trying to accomplish in your article and keeping it effective to bring you more leads and clients. Always remember, writing effective articles is not just telling a story. It is a conversation with your prospective client. 

If you remember this, you will continue to have effective articles daily. My next post will continue with Effective Article Marketing Part 2, where I will go into the 5 Secrets to Writing an Effective Article.

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