Importance Of Finding A NicheFinding a niche is key to your internet marketing success.  So what is niche marketing definition, and what can it do for your online business?

A solid niche marketing strategy can provide you with top rankings for your niche-related keywords, prove your site’s authority, and ultimately the potential to generate hundreds of highly qualified visitors to your site every day. So that’s the overview now; let’s get down to some specifics.

The main aim of marketing online is to capture your target audience’s attention and then have them “opt-in” to a lead capture form. Opting in to your funnel is the starting point of the marketing funnel. Niche Marketing involves the actual process pr strategy the marketer /business uses to attract those leads into their funnel.

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Methods Of Generating Traffic For Your Niche Markets

One of the popular methods is called pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, where you choose your targeted keywords and set up a campaign with well-written ads to encourage your visitors to click on your ad and go through to a sales page to the start of your marketing funnel.

This is an excellent strategy if you have the money and experience to make great campaigns with high click rates at a low cost per click. But for many marketers just starting, this method can be very costly, with no guarantee.

The next method targets your market niche by getting your content published on the top pages of the search engines, especially Google, and they have by far the most significant following.

Success with this method, the primary resource is your time and dedication to look at a slightly longer time frame for success. The difference between this organic marketing niche strategy and pay per click is that you can enjoy endless free leads once you have solidified several high-volume keywords ranked on the search pages.

Finding A Niche Marketing | Marketing Success Strategy

There are several criteria you need to meet to rank on the top search engine pages, some of which include:

  • A keyword-rich article or post with the keyword in the title, description, and URL
  • A good number of natural backlinks to your content from high page ranking sites generate vital backlinks.
  • An interlinking keyword anchor text strategy that shows Google that you are an authority in your sub-niche. You have proved to them that you have content relevant to your niche market, and the result is not only top page rankings for your targeted keywords but also the 50 or so that Google with rank you for free.

Finding A Niche | The Tools To Success | A Marketing Funnel

Finding A NicheAs part of your marketing strategy, practice niche marketing.  Create an alliance with a company whose products or services you would like to market or promote. This usually works on a commission basis, and if you team up with the right company can be very lucrative. 

Be sure however you are branding yourself regardless of your connection with the company. Merely provide general and informative content resulting in your audience reaching out to you for more information about the excitement you’ve shared.  At this point in the conversation, you share your product(s) in response.

I’ve joined a company in no way promotes any particular network marketing company but instead acts as training for any online marketers by providing the tools, training system, and support

Some affiliates use company-generated and branded websites for all of their business marketing, (which by the way, is a flawed strategy if you are trying to build your list and brand).  I have my own self-hosted WordPress website and I’m able to seamlessly deploy sales funnels while continuing to brand myself and my personal brand.  

The benefits of being a member of MLSP are the friendship and alliances you make with other members and the training systems that a part of the system.  If you need additional training or tools, click here and take a look.

Feel free to comment below or contact me if you want to discuss any of the niche marketing information I have shared with you.

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