Importance Of Keyword Research In Article MarketingWith any article marketing campaign, the importance of keyword research is crucial.  What a lesson I learned on word choices the other day.  While I was out driving with my 3-year-old grandson, he got a little “sassy” with me, to which I replied, that’s not a nice way to talk to nana, “don’t get smart with me”! 

After we arrived home, I later asked him to do something, to which he replied, “I can’t do it”.

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While I encouraged him to at least try before he said he couldn’t do it, he said to me, “I can’t do it because I’m not smart”. I was puzzled, to say the least as to where this came from.  As I reassured him that he was very smart and could do anything he wanted, imagine my surprise when he said,  “no, nana, you said in the car I wasn’t smart”.

I instantly hit the rewind button in my mind and realized exactly what he was referring to. At this point I found myself explaining my words to him, trying to explain to him what I was REALLY attempting to say.  His original response, really made me think about being more careful when choosing my words.

In network marketing, it’s important that we never have our ~ potential customers wondering what we are referring to or trying to say.  Make sure you are clear and precise with what you are saying. First, carefully decide what it is you want to convey within your article:

  • is this informational only
  • is this a new product announcement
  • is it a testimonial
  • an update and connect with your list

Importance Of Keyword Research|Now That You’ve Decided On Your Keyword

Once you’ve determined your purpose for your article, it’s time to do your keyword research, a lesson I’ve learned all too well. Your article should lead with an opening paragraph to get your reader’s attention.  Perhaps a problem you will address, then how you plan on showing your reader a solution to the problem, within your article. Be sure to offer something of value and worth.

Importance Of Keyword Research|Use Your Keyword In Your Call To Action

Lastly, as you begin to sum up your article, you must have a very strong call to action.  A clear direction about what you want the reader to do next.  Direct them to sign up for your newsletter, a free video, free training, back to your main page for more information, etc.

Be sure to include all of your contact information for your readers to reach you for any questions or clarification. To be successful, you must be readily available to potential customers. Interact and follow-up with them personally through email, Facebook chat, Facebook inbox message, a broadcast, Skype.

There are several means of communicating with your audience, choose those you feel work best. During your follow-ups as well, take it from me, carefully choose your keywords.

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