Increase Your Facebook LeadsSocial media marketing especially utilizing Facebook, has become a very useful tool for marketers to promote themselves. One of the most widely utilized and used social media platforms is Facebook, therefore, properly utilized you can increase your Facebook leads when offering value.

Marketing on Facebook can assist with getting your message out. You have to present yourself as the person with valuable content and information your audience is looking for. Facebook shouldn’t be used to spam your family, friends, and followers merely with offers. Don’t be the person people come to learn as the “habitual spammer,” but instead as the go-to person for solutions and answers. Encourage people to subscribe by giving something away.

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TIP! What captures people’s attention quicker than the word “FREE”. Giveaway something such as training, pdf, video, etc., in return for their name and email. Remember, the money is in the list.

Increase Your Facebook Leads | Keep Your Reader’s In Mind

Always keep your followers in mind while sharing and engaging. Many immerse themselves in building their customer base, but they take for granted their current base. If your fans think you respect them, your marketing will be more successful if you’re not on a mission of selling.

In an effort to increase your Facebook leads, always offer real engagement with your followers as you continue to build your personal brand. Remember, it is always you and not a company you are branding. In the event you leave a particular company and join another, you don’t have to start over as you’ve branded yourself and not a company brand.

TIP! You need a good fan base when you are using Facebook as a marketing strategy. Try not to do heavy marketing especially when you’re just starting your business. Build your base by offering value

Make sure your Facebook page looks good and is congruent with your brand. Appearance is essential in marketing. If your page looks “spammy”, people are less likely to want to visit. Make sure it looks nice but is easy to explore and navigate. Choose a profile picture that looks appropriate and covers enough of your page.

The use of photos in every Facebook update should be a practice you embrace. People love looking at pictures on Facebook. People are visual beings, the more visual a post is, the better chance it has of actually becoming a bit viral. Don’t let the opportunity to get visual pass you by. If you’re in a hurry, slow down just a bit and get that visual into your post.

TIP! When posting, one of your intentions should be to elicit responses from your community. Therefore, think about each post and figure out how to phrase things so that people will want to comment on what you have to say

Never rely on anyone else’s advice as to when the best time for updating your page is. (Unless you have done some analytics and have effectively determined a prime time for your page.) Do your research to figure out when you should be posting.

As was stated earlier in this article, Facebook marketing can get your business some great exposure, so long as you know what you are doing. If you aren’t sure how to market on Facebook, click here and grab the link for this video with some free training. Happy Facebook marketing.

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