Leads ManagementLeads management is a vital piece of the puzzle for your online marketing business.  The first step within the lead generation process will be proper article marketing.  With your fully researched and SEO-optimized keywords, you will begin to generate a regular flow of visitors to your blog.

You should have a very warm and welcoming blog, clutter-free of any sales pitches.  Offering content of value and free training is a great way to generate a lead by having your visitor opt-in for the mere value of what you are offering.  BUT stay away from direct sales at the entrance to your blog.

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The next step will be an appropriate and engaging capture form on your blog to entice the curiosity of visitors.    Once the potential customer has opted into your program, your leads management will move to the next step being communication.  Since you’ve fully optimized your article, the leads at this point should be targeted leads, meaning they are someone who searched a specific niche and have generated results related to their search.  So now it’s up to you to offer top-notch customer service upon entry to your business.  Although you have an autoresponder in place, personally engaging with the customer as well is very important to your lead generation process.

Leads Management | Don’t Fail To Connect

Within your daily leads management, the failure to connect with a lead could result in losing the opportunity of actually turning them into a customer/business partner.  Failure to follow up and communicate with a potential customer and generating an answer to their question(s) can also result in failing to convert your lead into a customer.  Failing to follow up will result in your lead generation strategies being fruitless.

So if you, like many of us have, inadvertently, let a few leads slip through your fingertips, begin to connect and communicate now.  Make communication and updating your leads a number one priority on your daily strategies.  This can easily be done through your autoresponder by sending a blast out to your list and merely reaching out, connecting,  showing that you are a real person, and you are readily available to answer any questions.  Be sure to follow up with your leads if any questions are presented.

Leads Management | Close The Deal

If you’ve done all of your leads management strategies, you are now seeing a stream of steady traffic arriving at your blog.  The steps you’ve taken thus far are:

  • article research & writing (SEO optimized)
  • capture form
  • autoresponder
  • communication & connecting
  • follow up and answer questions

So you’ve completed the strategies, now what?  The next step is to “close the deal”.   You’ve presented your article and all pertinent information, generated the targeted leads, answered all questions now is the time to sell your product since they’ve now seen the potential and benefits of what you have to offer.  By this time, they are either in or out, don’t waste too much time trying to change their minds, move on to the next as your leads are growing ~ time management is crucial, stay focused and stick to your strategies.

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