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Live Streaming Church Services

New Life Apostolic Church (NLAC)-Roswell, NM Live Streaming Church Services

April 3rd, 2011 is a great day for Pastor Barbara Norfor and the members of NLAC as this will be the launch of the LIVE STREAMING of their service!!!!  NLAC was birthed June 1, 1979, under the leadership of Pastor Emanuel Norfor.  NLAC continued to grow and mature under his leadership.

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Although we may not always understand, nor is it up to us to question God’s will,  God chose to call His faithful servant Pastor Emanuel home on February 4, 2011.  While still dealing with the loss of a husband, friend, and pastor, then First Lady Barbara Norfor listened to the voice of God as He instructed her to assume the pastoral duties of NLAC.  Continuing to heed God’s voice and follow His directions, “Pastor Barbara” as she is affectionately referred to, began to realize God was leading her to take NLAC in and new direction, by implementing the use of the internet.  Pastor Barbara’s realization of the growth rate of social media realized the necessity of creating a presence on the internet.  Pastor Barbara realized for the many individuals who are searching hourly, daily, consistently for a mere ray of hope, a word from God, a meaning for their life, forged ahead continuing to follow God’s lead.

The First Step To Live Streaming

The transformation of NLAC into the digital age was first the launch of their website.  With the first step of this endeavor now accomplished, NLAC’s next step was to begin creating a platform where they could be readily available to minister to bruised and wounded souls, not only with live streaming but with a ministry and a message available 24/7.

Join Pastor Barbara And NLAC For Their Live Streaming Launch

Sunday, April 3rd will begin an exciting move for NLAC with the official launch of the live streaming of their services!!!  As a pastor, realizing you are now able to reach so many souls and realizing an even greater reach allowing you to share your vision and the mission God has given you through live streaming, amazing.  Knowing your message now has the ability to reach past the four walls of your building to the four corners of the world, is a reward in itself, priceless even.

Live streaming, allows you to literally reach out and touch souls you may never, otherwise, have had the opportunity to meet or reach.  Continue to pray for and with Pastor Barbara and the NLAC family as they continue to follow the lead, direction, and voice of God.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow, Sunday, April 3rd for the official launch of NLAC Live at 11:45 am MST, and continue to return often, and inviting guests as well.  God Bless you Pastor Barbara and NLAC!!!  We will see you online at NLAC live streaming events!!!

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