The first step would be thorough keyword research for your post.  If done correctly, you will be more likely to get targeted leads from your posts, targeted leads being people looking specifically for what you have to offer.

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It is vital to your post and ranking that you put in the time required on keyword research, reviewing, reading, and responding to comments on your blog and other blog sites.  You will find by doing so, you will keep your existing customers and gain potential new customers by being visible in the community of online marketing.

Ways To Make Blogging Work For You

  • show your readers the value of your content and what you are offering is key to make blogging work for you
  • make yourself available to answer any questions your visitors may have or if they want to utilize your services, or purchase your product
  • blogs should not be about a “sales pitch”, if this happens you will turn away visitors, in order to make blogging work for you, it’s all about retaining visitors and gaining new ones as well
  • linking to other useful resources is very important in creating traffic flow to your site
  • research online (Google, Yahoo Answers are good places to see what people are searching for) then you post the answers to those questions that are related to your site
  • write  comments on other people’s blogs, this will show you are spending time reading about them and they will be more likely to visit your site as well
  • submit your posts to blog directories and do trackbacks
  • track of your visitors, after you have established your blog, adding a counter will allow you to see who has been reading your posts
  • post regularly, daily for optimal exposure; short articles are fine as long as the essence and value are still there, all readers want something of value in exchange for their time
  • do not expect instant results to come pouring in, sit back and think of other techniques to make your blog more successful
  • blogging should not be set aside or be placed on the back burner, it is the lifeline of your internet business, which is all about blogging

Blogging can be very useful for you once you know what you are doing, so begin to utilize effective ways to start blogging.  For additional tips and strategies on how to make blogging work for you:

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Targeted Leads

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  1. Make Blogging Work For You 1
    Jodi Ouellette
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    Great post Julie! Appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge and experience :) ~Jodi
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  2. Make Blogging Work For You 3
    Dan Johnson
    66 days ago

    Great information in your post, things to remember as you’re doing your research and contemplating writing a new blog post.
    Thanks for the info.

  3. Make Blogging Work For You 5
    Laura Craciun
    66 days ago

    Hi Julie,
    This is a very useful article! Great tips about blogging!
    Thanks for sharing!

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      65 days ago

      Thanks Laura,
      And thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  4. Make Blogging Work For You 9
    Florence Baribeau
    64 days ago


    Enjoyed reading your post Julie, it’s informative for bloggers!

    Thanks to sharing
    Have a great day

    • Make Blogging Work For You 7
      48 days ago

      Thanks Florence, I appreciate your input!!!

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