Make Money BloggingMany bloggers maintain their blog as the hub of their business with the general purpose is to make money blogging.   Blogging as a business leads to massive free leads, equating to blogging for dollars.

Creating a career out of blogging is becoming more prevalent in today’s economy. With the increasing popularity of blogging, corporate America has also seized the opportunity to create relationships with their existing clients and potential customers.

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Make Money Blogging | Creating Financial Freedom

Many online marketers make money blogging, creating financial freedom.  Creating a blog and maintaining a blog aren’t the only components of creating a lucrative income.  You need to create a blueprint for your blogging career.  First, you must determine your reason for blogging:

  • why are you blogging
  • what will you be blogging about
  • a personal journal or diary of sorts
  • are you in it for the long term or taking a “let’s see what happens” approach
  • what will be your niche ~ your targeted audience be
  • are you blogging for fun or do you have the time and determination to do keyword research and fine-tune your SEO skills

There are several niches to blog about, once you’ve determined your theme, it’s time to make money blogging, creating the income and financial freedom you desire.

Ways To Make Money Blogging

Two different ways to make money blogging:

  • The Direct Income Method – earning money directly from your blog.  One great way to earn income from your blog is through affiliate marketing.  By referring a visitor or reader to a product/company you’ve joined as an affiliate, you will receive a referral commission when a purchase is made, making money blogging.  It is best to choose affiliate programs pertaining to your blog content, due to the targeted traffic arriving on your site.
  • Indirect Income Method – you can earn money because of your blog.   Create your own logo and post the designs on your blogs. This is great if your readers are loyal to your blog.  If you write quality articles, people may offer to hire you to write for them.  You and your skills can be discovered through your blog.

Determine exactly what your goals and target market are.  Begin a daily blueprint to make money blogging and creating targeted leads to your blog.  Be sure you are creating a solid foundation for massive free leads to your blog,

Building your business and personal brand is essential for establishing a solid foundation.  Here are some questions to keep in mind and ask yourself if you’re using these techniques :

  • Free Traffic From Google
  • Using Social Media To Find Daily Traffic To Your Blog
  • Why Your Marketing Funnel Is Your Secret Weapon
  • How Article Marketing Can Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog

Build strong, solid, and be consistent in order to make money blogging.

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