Make The DecisionAs the number of internet marketers continues to climb, some are finding it difficult to create a lucrative online business. Make the decision to succeed. Don’t try to entice someone into purchasing your offer right from the start.

First, develop a relationship of some sort, prove your credibility along with that of your product(s). Start off by offering something FREE.

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Offer your prospect some content, something of value. Based on the tools you’ve just shared, your prospect can now make a more informed decision, the chances your prospect will become your customer/partner will definitely increase.

Make The Decision To Give It Away

So many people fail in their online business because of their technique and approach to prospects.  Some tips to keep in mind:

  • everyone wants to be able to “test drive” products to estimate the true value and living up to its’ promise(s)
  • give them something tangible to try and learn from, make their choice to join your business a “no brainer”
  • giving away just a taste of what you are offering will help you create credibility, some FREE giveaway options:
  1. podcast
  2. video
  3. newsletter

Make The Decision | Your Thoughts Affect Your Decision

Why is it some people live their entire life allowing their subconscious thoughts to shape them? Some “don’ts” during decision making:

  • don’t allow past failures to define you, you can’t change your past, but you can decide to change your future
  • don’t allow others to dictate your success or failure, never give anyone that much control over your life
  • don’t ever feel it’s too late to make a change, today can be the first day of your new beginning
  • don’t ever feel you don’t have what it takes, take your time, don’t add too much all at once

(Decide it and just do it.)

Make The Decision | Your Decision And Your Success

Why do so many people fail? Simply put, failure is pretty much guaranteed if you don’t make the decision to be successful. Some first steps to your success:

  • make the decision to be more than merely successful, but repeat to yourself, I will be VERY successful
  • create your list, as you continue to meet new people, continue to add to your list daily
  • write down your goals, give yourself a time frame to accomplish each one
  • keep a track of your goals and accomplishments, make any necessary adjustments
  • daily affirmation of your decision to be VERY successful, repeat the entire process routinely

You’ve Decided – Now Follow Through

Confidence in yourself and what you are doing is instrumental and the key in your journey of creating and attaining your vision.  After it has been spoken, it is no longer merely a thought, but now your journey, your destiny.  You have NO CHOICE now but to make it happen.

Believe in yourself, the informed decision you’ve made, and your ability to attain your vision, is in your hands.  Time to implement and put into action your plan of attack.  Kick it into full gear, full speed ahead on your journey of creating your dreams.  Believing in yourself, your dreams, and your abilities to fulfill them was the best decision you’ve made! With that said,  JUST DO IT!!!!

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