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If you are trying to recruit new reps for your business, why should you have a network marketing blog?

Article marketing is a fast and effective way to bring traffic to your online business. 

It’s important to start a blog on your own domain as opposed to using a business’s branded site.  If for any reason you decide to leave that business or want to add other offers to your business, you won’t have to start from scratch.  

It’s important when you begin to create your blog come up with your domain name, select a color scheme and begin personal branding from the start.

Having a blog allows you to share your expertise along with exposing your readers to the training, tools, and essentially your offers. 

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

You’re not going to necessarily promote and blast offers, but instead, you will add valuable information and tools to your readers.

Network Marketing Blog | Start Out Correctly

As people begin their network marketing blog and start the process of taking their MLM business online, a crucial mistake I’ve seen is:

    create a blog about their company and their products
    telling people how great the company & products are and
    putting links to their online store

While people can make a living doing it this way, keep in mind you are branding and advertising the particular company and products, not yourself.

This method also requires massive advertising and traffic to see an income.  This is more than likely because several people are merely talking about company X, therefore you’re competing with that same flow of traffic.

There is a way for the average person to make money online, grow their network marketing team, and not spend ANY money on advertising through a network marketing blog.

Creating consistent, informative, and quality content, eventually, people start coming to YOU.  If you present a solution and answer to what people are asking they will seek you.

While blogging may take a little longer building out your network, please remember you are building the foundation of your business.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”, your business won’t be either. Having a solid foundation will set you up for sustainability and an authoritative content provider within the eyes of your readers, but more importantly the search engines.

Network Marketing Blog | Targeting People

Instead of having a website about your opportunity, have a website geared towards attracting people.  Yes, attraction marketing is real and a powerful tool.

People WANT to know more about network marketing and making money from home. These people enjoy the content you provide, building up a trust relationship with you, and therefore, want to work with you.

By creating your network marketing blog, you will have people that:

    already know the benefits; you do not have to convince them
    actively searching for YOU and the information you provide
    know that to start a business, you have to invest money into joining

Be available and intentional about your business, answering all questions presented to you. Many have had bad experiences with network marketing in regard to not receiving any support from their upline.

As you have grown your business, be nurturing and caring of the people that joined you, in doing so will create longevity.

Network Marketing Blog | Get Paid For Your Efforts

network marketing strategiesThere will be people that don’t join your business, but you can still offer tools and resources to them to help them with their business ventures.

Some are free in order to get their email and name. Some will be small paid amounts, that may also offer up-sells.

These tools help other network marketers, and internet marketers build their businesses online while also paying you a commission. 

This type of marketing is called a funded proposal and works well.

It’s a win-win situation; you help people who didn’t necessarily join your primary business, but yet joined your affiliate marketing business.

By helping these people who are struggling in network marketing with important tools, essentially you will find them coming to YOU asking to join, based on the integrity and relationship you’ve built with them.

Hopefully, you realize that you do not need to push your network marketing opportunity on people to sponsor representatives online; in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Build trust, give value, and people will come to you. The summation is as you build your network marketing blog, do so by branding yourself not a specific company allowing you to share reviews and information on multiple products.

Social media is a powerful tool in building your blog.  Join FaceBook groups with like-minded people.  Socialize and engage.  People will ask questions in these groups.  As people ask questions, answer the question.  Begin to show your knowledge and gain the trust of others.

As you build that trust, you will then be able to offer the answer/solution lies within your business offer.  The main difference is that you didn’t push the offer, someone essentially asked you for it.

Be transparent and honest, your foundation of your network marketing business and reputation depends on it.

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