Network Marketing Home Based Business Fire Your BossHave you decided to start your Network Marketing Home Based Business fire Your Boss”?

One of the best options is to create your own home-based business.  It’s about time to stop centering your financial future working for someone else.  

Is your “why” strong enough to succeed in creating a successful and lucrative home business?

There is nothing in the world like having the peace of being your own boss, having your own home-based business, working when you choose, and spending more time with your family. 

Some people are making millions working from home in a network marketing business; why wouldn’t you want to be one of them.

Who doesn’t want to spend more time with their family, having the time freedom to set your schedule? After all, you’re your own boss.  

Although the desire is there, it’s not always a successful venture. Although you have no boss, you have to be disciplined and consistent with working your business.

Being the boss means you need to create a solid foundation with your new endeavor. This foundation is what will generate sustainability as you move forward.

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Network Marketing Home Based Business Fire Your Boss | Six Reasons To Fire Your Boss

1. Get A Paycheck While Enjoying Time With Family  

Working a job generally means you stop getting paid when your workday is over. Unless you’re a salaried employee, at which point, you’re essentially volunteering your time to someone else’s dream and vision. 

Does a tree grow only when at the time it’s being watered? That tree is growing 24/7. Why not have your income grow 24/7 too? 

Don’t settle for only getting paid for each hour you work. Get paid while you’re sleeping, eating, exercising, at the movies, taking a shower, on vacation, etc. 

A successful online network marketing business pays you residual income, the money you earn over and over again for work you complete once.

2. Don’t Let Someone Else Decide Your Times Worth 

Working at a traditional job, you have rules and guidelines to follow set by the company. 

A traditional job further means another person decides how much your time is worth. You are limited in monetary value, although your skills may show otherwise. 

What would you prefer? A paycheck with a cap on the amount you can make? My preference would be a business with unlimited income potential, based on the effort I put into it. 

3. Unstable Job Security

There isn’t really job security anymore. With the economy as it is, jobs are being cut from all directions and industries. 

Working for yourself is the logical way to go. Who would care more about your business and income more than you? 

Another bonus of running a thriving network marketing business is that you get the honor and privilege of helping others leave their job and provide financial security for their family.

4. Stop Helping Creating Another Company’s Dream 

Working at a conventional job means you are helping to create wealth for your employer. The government, of course, has its hand out for a piece of your paycheck, with none of the possible tax cut benefits available to you that the business owner gets. 

If you were paid the true amount of what you bring to your position, you should probably be making at least double what you’re being paid. 

5. Put Your Passion and Dreams To Work

The pressure to conform and follow your employer’s rules is what is required as an employee. Traditional jobs have rules such as when you start work, when you take breaks, when you take lunch and when you clock out. 

Where is individuality when you are working for someone else? When you come up with a brilliant idea, it’s either going to be ignored, dismissed, or stolen. 

Not only don’t you get the credit for brilliant ideas, but your paycheck most likely won’t reflect an increase either. 

Being self-employed, you can allow your imagination to soar. Let your creative juices flow regarding your marketing plan and business partnerships.

You would now have total control and enjoy putting your personal touch on everything you do, and your income will be based on your own personal efforts.  

6. Don’t Waste Your Time 

Distracting meetings, ineffective procedures, disorganization, and office politics all are the norm in most workplaces.

Being your own boss means you can concentrate on productive tasks and bypass ineffective time-wasters that don’t add to your income.

Most conventional jobs reward you for busyness, not for efficiency and productivity. 

Why Do Many Fail in Network Marketing?

Did you realize that 95% of the people who start their Network Marketing Business do not see any success in the first couple of years, sometimes never?

Many join several different home-based business opportunities because they can’t get their business off the ground and consistently make money.

They try additional tips, strategies, and tricks, and nothing seems to work. 

The problem is:

  • Understanding the principles of Network Marketing
  • Knowing how to market productively
  • Knowing what to do and when
  • Knowing what not to do

You need to find a company that offers quality training, concept application, and tools to understand how to put all the puzzle pieces together.

With the right training from the right leaders, you can be in the 5% of the people who find success in a legitimate home-based business. 

Some components you need to have a successful home-based business and be your own boss are:

  • A proven marketing funnel or marketing system
  • A system to get qualified leads
  • Follow up that is on autopilot
  • Valuable information to share with your leads and prospects
  • A self-funding proposal

Why Everyone Doesn’t Find Success | Network Marketing Home Based Business Fire Your Boss

Only a few succeed in the home-based network marketing business because they understand the principles of building a business on the internet and that a proven system must be in place to grow.

They know what they need to do, and they go out and get the necessary tools, resources, and training to build their business.

Having the tools and training without implementation will be fruitless.

Many feel that by merely having a website and a social media platform(s), they will automatically be successful. Of course, this is not true, and it is not the way to achieve the long-term results you desire.

It’s imperative to have a proven marketing system that works. Creating and sharing both articles and videos and posting them to your Facebook page and other social media is not enough. 

There are crucial pieces of the puzzle you are missing if that is your thought process. Getting to know your audience and becoming someone they know, like, and trust will generate sales and business partners.  

Summing Up The Plan | Network Marketing Home Based Business Fire Your Boss

As you begin to create your business as a path and means to fire your boss, the following is an excellent blueprint to start with:

  • listen, determine an issue or problem
  • address and acknowledge it, build a relationship
  • offer a solution and resolve through your opportunity/business

Keep in mind everyone is not an ideal candidate or interested in your business. Don’t let your excitement of creating your dream become a nightmare for your family, friends, and associates. 

Good luck in creating your own network marketing home-based business and positioning yourself to fire your boss!

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