List a database containing an ordered array of items such as:

  1. name
  2. email
  3. skype id
  4. phone number
  5. etc
  • Building the act, process, art, or occupation of constructing

Perfecting The Art Of List Building

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During the list building phase, you must start with a solid foundation, strengthened by many support beams.  Throughout your internet marketing career consistency in building your list is a vital must.  There are two main foundation areas to start the list building process:

  1. Blog/website
  2. Facebook Fanpage

Once those foundations are in place, you can now begin building.  Capture pages/opt-in forms are a great way to accomplish this.  As you begin to drive visitors to you, you must roll out the red carpet.  Reach out to them, greet them with something of value, some useful content.  Some examples are:

  • Free training
  • Free video ebook
  • Free newsletter
  • Special offers
  • Special report
  • and many other options

Perfecting The Art Of List Building | Free Traffic -vs- Buying Leads

  • By offering your FREE valuable content, you can gain qualified leads.  Someone who has opted in based on you, what they’ve seen or heard, and what you have to offer.
  • You buy a nice long list and shoot an email blast.  Some things to consider:
  1. how many of those will be valid emails
  2. how many of those will actually opt-in
  3. how many will be deleted because you are a stranger
  4. how many will go directly to a spam folder

(You will hear pros and cons to both, do your research and make an informed decision.)

Perfecting The Art of List Building | You Have Customers

Having an auto responder in place is another must in communicating with your customers once they opt into your list, you need to have a plan of action already in place.  There are several autoresponders to choose from.  Some of them are:

  • Aweber
  • get response
  • constant contact
  • rapid response
  • i contact
  • feed burner
  • and many more

Time To Put The Roof (Protective Covering) On Your List Building

The autoresponders will initiate contact and follow-ups.  However, making personal contact is vital.  You have many options there as well.  Something as quick and simple as sending a personal email, a Facebook inbox message, connect on a Facebook chat, a phone call, a skype message, etc. can make all the difference in the world.

It is important for your customers to know that you are personally involved with your business and that you genuinely care about their success as well as your product(s).  Adding that extra touch will set you apart from others.  Now with all of your building parts in place, you can now place that last component; the roof.  Now you have your foundation, pillars, and roof in place, your list building is solid construction.

Perfecting The Art of List Building | Your Solid List Building Structure Is Now In Place

You must maintain and do regular housekeeping by staying informed and in touch with your customers.  Always offer up-to-date information, new training, keep your customers informed, etc.  Now that “you’ve got them “, you must keep them!!

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