Personal Branding Pt 1Have you set up your blog for personal branding? When setting up your blog, you need to know how to go about making a personal branding statement. There are steps you need to take to branding yourself correctly.

These steps must be taken in the proper order, or they will not work. Just as if you were going to go on a long trip, the first step is to know where you are going. You can start to map out your destination. If you have no idea of where you are going, you will not get there.

Before You Start Your Personal Branding

Most people think that if they have a website, they are branding themselves. Having one of the duplicated sites that a lot of people have does nothing for branding yourself, you are branded to a company or product.

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What you need:

  • Decide that you are an Entrepreneur
  • Create a Mindset for Success
  • Define Your Game Plan
  • Know Your Brand
  • Have a Proven Sales Funnel

Personal Branding is Deciding You Are an Entrepreneur

Maybe you never thought of yourself as an entrepreneur. Personal branding is all about being an entrepreneur. As you design your personal brand, you are becoming an entity in marketing online.

You are building an online presence of who you are and getting people to know and trust you. This is how you will make your personal branding statement.

Now you want to know, when will you become an Entrepreneur? Well becoming an entrepreneur is all about simply making a decision. You will be an entrepreneur on the day you decide you are an entrepreneur. It’s as simple as that. But you must treat it as a job, schedule time as you would any other job. Schedule what needs to be done and work your schedule.

Personal Branding | Creating A Mindset for Success

If you don’t think you will be successful, you probably won’t be. You must have an honest, passionate desire to be successful. You will be successful only if you believe you are successful. It would help if you had a clearly designed personal branding strategy that you are working from.

Personal Branding | Defining Your Game Plan

Only those who fail to make a plan have set themselves up with a plan to fail. Write out short and long-term goals you want to achieve. Having a plan will raise your expectations of being successful and also show you how to be successful. Without a well-rounded and researched plan, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Create your “Why.” Writing it out makes it real. It gives you a personal branding statement. Just wanting to have more stuff is not a real “Why.” You need to go deep in your heart and feel your why. When you feel it, you become passionate about it. 

If you want a new home or to take a vacation is acceptable as long as you know why you want a new home or vacation and are passionate about it. Having a real passion for what you want will keep you on track to your success.

Knowing Your Brand in Personal Branding

Define your personal brand of who you are and who you want to market to. You need to know what you will be talking about and who you will be talking to. When you understand your targeted audience, you will know what you want to talk about.

Creating Cash Flow Sales Funnel

Your cash flow sales funnel is of absolute importance in achieving success in branding yourself. Making money with your personal branding can be done quite easily when everything is set up correctly. 

The sales funnel works efficiently only if each step is done in the right order. You need to know what you want to talk about and who you want to speak to while giving valuable content to your prospects. The sales funnel will help you to create a list as well as market to your followers.


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