Preparing For Success In Network MarketingAs I began a new journey of network marketing, I was led to believe the best way to be successful was to create a list of family, friends, and acquaintances. Write down their cell phone numbers, email addresses, home phone numbers, etc. I did all of this eagerly anticipating great results as promised.

Boy was I mistaken with that. After I literally “spammed” my friends on Facebook, my email list, called and bombarded family and friends inviting them to presentations, let’s just say I didn’t get very far to say the least.

I began to get a little discouraged because I was doing exactly as instructed, but I wasn’t attaining the results I expected. I began to further research other network marketing strategies, companies, and groups. I began to see what some of the top income earners in network marketing were doing, and it WASN’T what I had necessarily been “taught”. In fact, it was the opposite.

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If you are struggling within network marketing or if you are just beginning one thing you need to do before you join a company is to look at the group’s statistics. Look to see:

  • are the majority of the members creating income
  • are they working together to achieve common goals; making sure the entire team succeeds
  • are there only a couple of top income earners
  • are you repeatedly offered more training, one on one mentoring and advice, (but for an extra fee)

Thoroughly Research The Network Marketing Company

While doing your research and determining what business you are going to join, search for an “all-inclusive”. Make sure you are actually getting a “WYSIWYG”. (For those of you who are new(er) and don’t know that acronym yet) quite simply, “what you see is what you get”.

Some things to find out before joining a company:

  • Is your network marketing company in n a total package?
  • Will you have the needed training, support?
  • Will there be teamwork to create a lucrative network marketing business with no added fees.

Make sure you will be given all the tools required to teach you how to go out, market yourself, what you have to offer, build your list of qualified prospects, and create lucrative income in the process.

Do keep in mind your main strategy should focus on marketing yourself instead of a product. When you begin to market just one product you set limits on yourself and your potential income and market base.

Begin marketing yourself and the value that you have to offer and share with others. Share your story of struggles to success and the tools you used for achievement. By doing this you will now open yourself up to offer multiple products ~ thus creating multiple streams of income.

Once again, during the research process, you will find the top network marketing income earners have several streams of income, and a quite extensive mailing list to share all new promotional products.

As an affiliate of the products they’ve used to reach their success, they now can offer these items to you to help you on your journey, also adding to their income as your “upline”.

Power In A Network Marketing Team

Connect yourself to a strong team who will bind together to help ensure not only their success but your success. Teamwork within net marketing is essential and fundamental to your success in the industry. Do your research and choose wisely who you connect with.

As you continue on your network marketing journey, continue to build your list and share informative and helpful information with your followers.  Here’s to your ultimate success and financial freedom!!!

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