Real Online Marketing SuccessReal online marketing success today is not what it was ten years ago. The internet has changed the way today’s businesses learn about and shop for products and information. 

Ten years ago, we used trade shows, print advertising, and other traditional ways of marketing our products. Today when you are looking for products and information, we go directly to the internet.

Real Online Marketing Success | Social Media

The most powerful and successful businesses, now and of the future, are being done online. There is no recession online. You can be an international business with just the click of your computer and the products of your choice. The major reason this is happening is social media.

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Social media has played a large part in the new wave of advertising in today’s internet marketing businesses and direct sales businesses and is one of the main factors in finding real success online.  

It gives you an online presence and is where people find you and get to know you. It is your way of branding yourself or your online internet business.

Real Online Marketing Success | Creating A Blog

A blog is very advantageous, and one of my favorite ways of advertising I am on the internet. 

It is:

  • Always On
  • An Interactive Marketing Tool
  • Measurable
  • It Lets people know you are tech-savvy and staying on the cutting edge.

When you are ready to set up your blog, you will need to ask yourself several questions:

  • What am I going to blog about?
  • What are my topics and categories that I most want to pursue?
  • What is my biggest passion?
  • What drives me?
  • What am I most interested in that will be of value to my prospects and clients?

If you do not have a passion for what you are blogging about, you will find that it gets very difficult to get your blogs written. Within a few months, you will not be adding any new content, and your blog will be finished. 

Content that truly interests you makes it much easier to create a new post several times a week. Daily is always best when you are first starting. Your passion will come from your heart, and people will be able to feel it as they read your blog. 

They will start to follow you on your blog and be anxiously awaiting your next post. You will be sharing your valuable content with them. Blogging is not just about learning and teaching. Make sure you have fun with it and also add some humor. 

Do not take it too seriously. Include some humorous stories of how things worked for you and some family humor. Let them get to know you.

Make a list of your passions, the things you know, and the things you want to know. This will give you topics that you truly care about. While you are learning, you are sharing your new knowledge with others. They will look at you as an expert and want to learn more. Once they see you as the expert, you will have a client for life. Now go to work and be that expert.

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