Social Media NetworkingHere are some pointers on Social Media Networking. One question people find themselves asking is how to go about building relationships in social media networks. 

I am going to share with you the Social media networking strategies that I have found to work best for me with social media networking.

Social Media Networking | Start A Conversation

With these social media strategies, you will learn the process of social media marketing and how to apply it. This process will make you understand the entire picture of social media networking, right down to how to start a conversation with people inside your niche

The steps include:

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  • Posting various relevant and helpful videos and articles through niche-specific groups on Facebook
  • Starting conversations with like-minded people
  • After someone opts into your free gift, a follow-up message might be helpful (messenger is a great way to connect with your prospects)

You might be wondering what posting articles and videos on the top social media networking sites has to do with building a relationship. Let me further explain. 

Posting articles and videos get you seen, and people hopefully start leaving comments on your posts. You are also adding comments to other posts. 

People are beginning to see you on different social media networking sites and are reading what you have to say. You will become more visible with consistency and relevancy. They’ll want to get to know you and your business better. 

Eventually, you start receiving friend requests because you are creating your niche and brand. Add them as friends if they are in your niche. People want to be friends with like-minded people, someone with common interests. 

As you are concentrating on building a relationship inside of social media networking sites and after you have posted your articles, left comments, you will begin to receive emails that people have opted in from your call to action. 

Social Media Networking | Making the Connection

The first thing you need to remember in social media networking for business is to make sure that you are smiling when you make contact with your new prospect. You don’t realize how your current mood might reflect even in a text or messenger message.  

Have a mirror in front of you to remind yourself of your frame of mind. 

You don’t want to sound harsh or grumpy; wearing a smile will help alleviate this issue. 

You want to introduce yourself and tell the person who you are and tell them why you are reaching out. You will want to ask a bit more and find out their WHY. This will help you to better understand what they want to accomplish and how you can help them accomplish it. 

Here are some questions that can be used to find out what exactly your prospect is looking for and how you can help them accomplish their “why.”

Social Media Networking | Questions to Ask

The questions below are nothing more than a feeler for your social media networking to find the hot buttons of your prospects. Once you get your prospect talking, simply follow the natural flow of the conversation, which will lead to you understanding your prospect’s situation.

You have reached out to your prospect and introduced yourself; now what? Use the questions below as a guide; no special order is needed. You do not want to sound scripted, and that is not the intention of the phone call. You are letting your prospect know that you are interested in them and will be available to help them should they join your business.

Your questions need to be very simple to start:

  • Let your prospect know where you live and ask them where they are from. (Just a very general location, and this is helpful with connecting with different time zones)
  • How long have you been on marketing?
  • If you have kids, let them know that you do and lead your prospect to open up about their family. A simple way to do this is to let them know that you work from home so you can spend more time with your kids and or family. Or whatever your specific reason is.

By now, the conversation should be flowing. Remember to always ask your prospect open-ended questions to get them to open up.

Social Media Networking | Invitation To Join Your Business

Once you feel your prospect opening up and feeling a bit more comfortable, it is now time to see if you actually have a prospect for our business.

  • What type of work are you currently doing?
  • Do you enjoy what you are doing?
  • Are you reaching your goals?

Again these questions should lead to a conversation about your prospect’s situation. Remember that the open-ended questions you ask will dictate the flow of the conversation. Talk openly with your prospect as you would talk with a friend, and you will gain success with your social media networking.

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