Social Networking ToolsAdequately utilizing social networking tools, there must first be a clear understanding of what social networking is. The definition of social networking depends on the platform used. Some variations are:

  • A social network – is a platform, site, or other online service focusing on building and creating networks. Some sites offer personal social relationship building, catering to individuals sharing mutual interests.
  • A social network is – a social structure comprised of people (or organizations) called “nodes”. The group will be connected by one or more common bond such as friendship, common interests, mutual friends, family members, business, dislikes to name a few.
  • Social Network is the people with whom one is connected. Pertaining to some of the best social networking sites, these digital terms often refer to your friends (Facebook), followers (Twitter), readers (Blog), or subscribers (YouTube).

Social Networking Tools – The Bare Minimum

Effective communication is a crucial part of social networking, either online or offline. The basic social networking tools required for online social networking are:

  • Computer access -a computer is needed to communicate effectively online. If you don’t have a personal computer, public libraries offer free access.
  • Internet connection – several community locations offer wi-fi, free of charge. Some of the nationally known locations are McDonald’s, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble.
  • Email address – Google and yahoo offer free email accounts.

The online social network is comprised of several large well known Top Social Networks such as:

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  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • MySpace
  • Instagram

These social networking websites create an online community of Internet users. Following the social network theory, members join various social networking websites, therefore, many of these online members will share a common interest. These online communities provide socialization with other like-minded individuals. Before beginning your online networking, be sure you are well equipped with the essential social networking tools.

Communicating and developing these new relationships will require some time and commitment. Depending upon whether you are creating a business or a private network will be a contributing factor to your time commitment. Once you’ve joined this online community, you will begin to build your own network of friends and associates.

Social Networking Tools – Dangers Of Social Networking

There are many benefits of social networking, however, always protect yourself from the possible dangers of social networking. Always be mindful, everyone doesn’t play by the same rules as you. The online community consists of predators and dishonest people just as offline communities. Although your social networking is online, always be aware and mindful of what personal information you share while socializing and networking online. Equip yourself with the necessary social networking tools and enjoy the many advantages of social networking.

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