personal branding pt 2Now that you have already gone through the first five steps of personal branding, I will show you how to build a social media presence, through personal branding part 2.

Before we start, make sure that you have set up and done everything we previously discussed in “Steps to Personal Branding- Part 1” because that is your foundation for real online marketing success. 

You must take these steps in order, or you will not have the solid social media presence foundation you need for your next step, building your social media sites.

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Personal Branding Part 2 | Integrating Your Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

In building your social media presence, you will be mostly concerned with the top 4 social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and your blog

You will be using your blog as your central hub. Your blog will be the center of your marketing hub to which you want to bring your social media traffic back. This creates a social web with traffic flowing between them.

Personal Branding Part 2 | What Is A Blog

A blog is an interactive website where readers can comment, allowing dialogue on your site, creating a conversation between you and your readers. This gives you the perfect vehicle to integrate into a social media presence.

A regular website is static and not interactive. It is just a brochure online. People can call you, email you, but can’t converse with you right there at the time. They can only join your email list.

Personal Branding Part 2 | Why Have A Blog

A blog integrates with social media sites and allows you to create value by quickly adding content with very little programming knowledge. It is interactive with your readers versus a static website. Your readers can communicate with you by commenting, giving more relativity to your social media presence.

Search engines love blogs. For best search engine optimization, you will want to use a blog. You want a self-hosted WordPress blog that you own. When you own a website or blog, you have control over it. 

No one can take it away from you, as you can be deleted from social media sites. Many people have been canceled from social media sites and lost all of their contacts built up over the years. This is why it is so important to have a blog that is yours, along with a list of subscribers. 

Also, many people have sold their sites for large amounts of money. A self-hosted blog is a real estate investment you own on the internet.

In building your social media presence, you will be building your list, and you know that the money is in the list. Once people have joined your list, you have the right to market to them forever or until they unsubscribe from your list. That is why social media presence is so significant.

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