Targeted Network Marketing PlanAre you a network marketer, and do you have a targeted network marketing plan in place? You may ask, what is the difference? Most people just get on social media sites to share what they are up to or perhaps leave a quote. To clarify, if social media is used solely for sharing and interacting with family and friends, how you share is completely different than if your intent is an online business. 

Targeted Network Marketing Plan | Be Intentional

If you have a network marketing business, you need to be more serious and intentional about how you are setting things up for your success. 

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Don’t just plaster and spam ads for your business opportunity with no regard for the social media ethics of the internet. You are hence running people away instead of developing a relationship and following.

Keep in mind your social media sites are where you need to find people who are like-minded and fit into your targeted market.

Targeted Network Marketing Plan |A WordPress Blog

I personally believe this is the most important of all the network marketing tips. A lot of social media marketers don’t have a free blog, let alone a WordPress blog. You definitely need to have a WordPress blog that is set up properly with appropriate keywords for your targeted network marketing. Search Engine Optimization needs to be done correctly if you want to be ranked by the search engines and found by prospective buyers. Your blog is your hub that will also be set up for your network marketing lead generation.

Targeted Network Marketing Plan | Social Media

Social media is a major part of the targeted marketing plan. You will want to join groups that are in your targeted market. Post your content into the groups and also comment on other posts. Become acquainted with others in the groups. Do not just blast your primary business s all over the groups. Once they see you are sharing valuable content with them, they will want to know what you are doing and ask you about your primary company. This is how building your network marketing business is accomplished.

Targeted Network Marketing Plan | Daily Plan of Action

You need to have a daily plan of action. You need to set time each day to work on your plan. The best way to know what is needed to do is to find a system that works and has everything in place for you, so you understand what you need to do when and understand how to do it. Most people fail because they do not know what to do or how to do it.


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