Lead Generation Process Targeted TrafficWith your online business, targeted traffic, especially free targeted traffic, is the best fit for your budget. There are several means of advertising your internet business without incurring any fees.

Article marketing for the promotion of your products or services is practically essential if you want to reach an audience. With an online business, driving traffic that results in leads is your primary goal.

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How Do You Get Targeted Traffic

Due to the economy, many individuals are turning to e-commerce as an ultimate resource. Many are looking for ways to earn extra cash to supplement their salary or to replace wages that have been lost. With the added influx of network marketers, you have to make it a point to maximize your methods of promoting your own business.

  • Write carefully researched and optimized articles and submit them to the free traffic directories. There are several free directories to submit to, some of which are GoArticles, Ezine Articles, Amazines, Article Base, Buzzle and there are numerous others to choose from.
  • Create a video to go along with your article. Post it on the free video sharing sites, ensure it too is fully optimized within your description. Some of the free video sharing sites are YouTube, Pixel Pipe, Tube Mogul. Also, be very sure you include the link to your site at the beginning and the end of your description in your posted video.
  • Once you have created your article and video, use social media sites as a platform for sharing your content. You will be letting the public know what you are offering. When sharing on Facebook, be sure what you are offering is of value and strong content and NOT a sales pitch. Be sure to add a strong call to action encouraging the reader to take advantage of your free offer and its’ many benefits.

Begin implementing the basics and you will begin to see a more steady flow of Massive Free Leads.  By sticking with a daily strategy, you will find your Lead Generation Strategies are in full press mode.

targeted traffic

Summing things up, you can begin to accomplish your goals utilizing free software to get the job done.

Research and write a completely Search Engine Optimized article using:

  1. Google keyword tool
  • create a related video
  1. cam studio or PowerPoint
  • utilize social media for syndication, exposure, and backlinks
  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Linked In
  4. Only Wire
  5. YouTube
  6. Stumble Upon
  7. Forums
  8. Tribe Pro
  9. Better Networker

Buckle up and get ready for the flow of traffic to your brand and business.  Remain consistent as you build and grow.  Patience and persistence within the lead generation process of targeted traffic are essential.

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