Targeted TrafficLead generation through targeted traffic is an essential component of network marketing. Focus items in your network marketing business should be creating content and sharing through syndication. Syndication will cause your greatest exposure and produce more targeted traffic to your site. Content syndication will become a standard for each article published. Another important feature is an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed button. The RSS feed shares your message instantly across the Internet, putting your lead generation process on steroids!!

Some reasons network marketers like to use syndication are:

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  • it’s more cost-effective than paid advertising ~ multiple FREE options to choose from
  • involves more of a personal commitment and a hands-on approach ~ it’s not advisable to rely solely on automation for syndicating your content, especially to the main article directories (manually send your content to the main directories to make sure it’s received)
  • by syndicating each others’ content, you are expanding your network, and generating the targeted traffic to your site

Advertising could become costly, utilizing FREE venues, if you are just starting is advisable. Some of the free syndication sites you should use are:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Onlywire (over 30 different locations)
  • Posterous (included in onlywire but can also be used solely)
  • Tribepro
  • Stumble upon
  • Skype

The most effective lead generation process will consist of each article created after extensive keyword analysis.  The article will consist of keyword-rich content specific within your niche, follow-up with full syndication. Following these strategies, you will begin to produce the desired traffic and targeted leads you need.

Equipping yourself with information on search engine optimization (SEO) will ultimately result in high quality, targeted traffic to your website. (To assist in your SEO optimization, if you are utilizing a Word Press blog, be sure to install the SEO-All-In-one plug-in.)

What Is Targeted Traffic?

The lead generation process is geared around creating traffic.  Traffic is the number of visits to your website. Increasing traffic flow to your site is crucial to the success of your online business. Generating a high volume of traffic is indicative of powerful web visibility; however, targeted traffic will give you higher value and promote greater sales.

Implement good research skills when determining your keywords, it will be useless to write a campaign and get no visibility due to the strength of the competition. Ensuring full search engine optimization of each post, you will find your results will be higher flows of targeted traffic; resulting in more sales. Creating a targeted traffic flow to your website will create a strong and trustworthy site.

Targeted Traffic

Targeted Leads

Content Syndication

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