Use Of Basic SEOA brand new website and no one mentioned the proper use of basic SEO. You may ask, “What is Basic SEO?” SEO, for those unfamiliar with the term, stands for, is search engine optimization. 

Setting up your site for basic SEO is not nearly as difficult as it may sound. There are a few steps that you need to take to get the best optimization from the beginning. If your blog is already live with written articles and published pages, it can be corrected if necessary. 

 Use Of Basic SEO | Content and Information

  • Give your readers easy to read content that is good for humans and the search engines
  • Keep your website organized on a targeted niche
  • Write compelling articles and get backlinks to your site using social media sites, video marketing, and article submission sites.

Use Of Basic SEO | What is Search Engine Optimization?

According to Wikipedia — Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.[1] SEO targets unpaid traffic (known as “natural” or “organic” results) rather than direct traffic or paid traffic

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The higher on the page and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from organic search engine users. 

SEO may target different types of searches, including image search, local search, video search, news search, and industry-specific vertical search engines. These combined items are what give a website its online presence.

Use Of Basic SEO | Permalinks & SEO Plug-Ins

The use of a good SEO plug-in is essential for your article creation. Math Rank offers a free and PRO version. The use of SEO plug-ins while creating will provide step-by-step updates to your score; therefore, you know what needs tweaking before publishing.  

Optimizing the URL to include your article’s keyword to be found on the search engines can be accomplished automatically with your permalinks’ correct settings.   

Setting your permalinks properly will ensure the URL displays correctly. This setting is accomplished in your WordPress dashboard.  

The steps are as follows:

  • login into your WordPress dashboard
  • going to settings
  • permalinks
  • select the radio button “Custom Structure” 
  • type in /%postname%/
  • save changes

The Rank Math Plug-In is essential when you set up your website to use basic SEO properly. When you feel you’ve completed your article, review the scores to ensure you’re ready to publish. 

Make sure you have correctly filled in the title, the description using the keyword, and no more than three to five keywords sprinkled within your content. Too many keywords will appear as spam to the search engines. Also, be sure your keywords remain targeted to your niche.

Keep your keywords in your posts and pages relevant to the article. Your homepage is your overview, and the pages and posts within break down your site into smaller pieces. These smaller pieces are posts or articles that are relevant content to your website theme. Remain consistent and within your niche.

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